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Do you want motivated, high-performing and satisfied leaders? 


We empower your leaders to recognize and leverage their potential and strengths so that they become more motivated, productive and satisfied. 


By combining workshop modules and individual coaching over a period of at least 5 months, we ensure sustainable results. 


In this way, employee retention increases and the leader’s individual potential can contribute to the success of your company. 


We offer customized executive programs for the development of your employees


Our approach:

A customized program, just for you

We develop a customized program tailored to the needs of your executives. In co-creation, we define module topics together and develop them for you. 

We focus on sustainable results

We empower your employees by providing them with long-term support. Our program runs for at least 5 months. In this way, content can be defined, directly tested and applied in everyday life with your own employees, ensuring a sustainable change in behavior. 

The right mix for success

Our program consists of various workshop modules, individual coaching sessions and peer group work.  


Tell me I'll forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.

Within our program, we combine theoretical impulses, practical tips/ tricks and work in plenary sessions. We also work in small groups in order to optimally anchor the learning content with the executives. 


Together we master individual challenges

We offer individual support for your managers. Each leader receives individual coaching between the workshop modules to master the individual leadership challenges in a safe space. In doing so, we focus on the individual strengths and potentials of each leader, because scientific studies show that success is many times greater when strengths are applied in everyday professional life. Our motto: Become the best version of yourself! 

We involve the network

Networking and relationship building with sparring partners in the leadership circle are an important part of our program. Between the workshop modules, leaders meet in small peer groups to apply what they have learned and to exchange ideas.   

We strengthen the leadership team

Our program aims to strengthen the relationship building within the leadership team. Leaders become sparring partners, thus strengthening cohesion within the leadership team. 




We offer the following topics, among others, to develop your leaders: 

  • The first 100 days in the leadership role: How do I make my entry into the new role a success? 

  • Leadership Vision: How do I want to be seen as a leader? 

  • Leadership expectations and role: What are the expectations and how do I deal with the new role? 

  • Presence and storytelling: How do I present myself successfully? And how do I get my content across successfully? 

  • Strength Approach: What are my strengths? And how can I use these? How can I use the strengths-based approach in my team? 

  • Self and time management: How do I manage myself and my time in my leadership role? 

  • Team Performance: How can I form my employees into a high-performing team?  

  • Feedback: How do I give and receive feedback? How do I establish a feedback culture in my team? 

  • Conflict Management: How do I successfully deal with my own conflicts and conflicts in the team? 

  • Change Management: How do I deal with permanent change? How can I take my team with me on this journey? 

  • New Work: How can I live New Work in my team?

  • Values: How can I establish values in my team and ensure that we bring them to life?





Do you want high-performing teams in which team members use their full potential and work together with motivation? 


We empower teams to openly address and discuss their challenges in a safe space. We enable teams to recognize their potential and strengths. We support them to collaboratively develop solutions to overcome team challenges and enable successful teamwork. 

Our approach:

We develop a custumized program for you

In co-creation with you, we develop team development measures tailored to your needs, considering requirements specific to your organisation. 

We start with the personality of the team members 

We focus on individual strengths and potential of each team member.  

The right mix for success

We ensure the optimal mix of measures. 

  • Even before the joint workshop, we exchange ideas with the team. With the help of kick-off meetings or anonymous surveys, we determine the status quo and get to know participants’’ expectations and wishes.  

  • In our workshops we guarantee a varied mix of theoretical impulses, best practices, exchange in the plenum as well as individual and smaller group work.  

  • If required, we provide individual coaching to work on individual challenges.  

  • In addition, we offer consulting services to ensure that any actions agreed upon are initiated and sustainably implemented. 


With this mix of measures, we ensure maximum effectiveness for your teams. 


We focus on sustainable results

We empower teams by accompanying them even after the joint workshop. 

Topics can be continually worked on together, ideas implemented and joint next steps taken. 

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