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Strengths Workshop

STRENGTHS workshop

what is the strengths-based approach?

The strengths-based approach assumes that each employee has personal talents and strengths.


The approach focuses on developing the individual talents and strengths of employees rather than on eliminating weaknesses, thus enabling the organisation to use the full potential of each employee.  


why the strengths-based approach?

Three out of four employees only work to rule. One in five employees has already resigned. The strengths-based approach can counteract this. You get:


  • Committed, motivated and satisfied employees: if you do what comes easily to you, you will go to work committed and determined and go home satisfied.

  • High-performing and productive employees: those who do what corresponds to their own strengths make maximum use of their individual potential and achieve higher productivity.

  • Emotionally committed employees: if you give employees the chance to use their own strengths, you can retain them and keep fluctuation low.

what do we offer

With the help of the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment, the individual strengths profiles of your employees are identified. In the workshop, the strengths-oriented attitude is conveyed, the strengths in the team are made known, and the strengths of the team are made usable.

how does the strengths workshop work?

Preparation (approx. two/three weeks before):

  • Receipt of the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 (alternatively for managers: Strengths Based Leadership)  

  • Individual participation in the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, including receipt of the individual strengths profile (approx. 20 minutes)  


  • The strengths-based approach (theory): deepening knowledge about one’s own strengths (individual work). 

  • Exchange with team members about individual strengths (working in small groups). 

  • Getting to know the strengths of team members in action (team challenge). 

  • Reflecting on strengths for individual challenges (working in small groups). 

  • Providing tools for the leader and for the team to use the strengths-based approach (theory). 


  • Summary of workshop content (reading box).

  • Dispatch of tasks and exercises to deepen what has been learned.

How can your employees benefit?

  • They will know what is behind the term 'strength' and why working with the strengths approach makes economic sense.

  • They will know their individual strengths profile and what it says about them.

  • They will develop plans on how to use their strengths in their daily work.

  • They will get to know the strengths of the other team members and be able to work together in a strengths-oriented way.


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