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VALUES workshop

WHAT are values

The word 'value' comes from the Germanic werþa, meaning 'value', 'precious', and is related to the Germanic werþan, ‘to become'. It refers to qualities that are important to us or ideals that we want to act upon.


Values are subconsciously reflected in the behaviour of the individual and provide a compass to guide daily decisions and actions.


Corporate values can ensure the long-term success of the company. They set the rules of the game for the community and help create a collaborative culture.

why values?

Values are the anchor and help us to survive crises and unforeseen events. Values guide our actions and ensure that we can make quick decisions, achieve goals and experience a sense of purpose. If we do not know our personal top three values, we are in danger of repeatedly making decisions that are not in line with our values. This is one reason why satisfaction fails to materialise for us. If we want to live life according to our own rules, we should know our personal values.


Values also play a major role for organisations. Studies show that organisations that cultivate a corporate culture based on shared values outperform other companies in terms of performance:


  • The turnover of these companies increases faster.

  • Their rate of new job creation is higher.

  • The value of shares in these companies increases many times over.

  • Their rate of profit generation is significantly higher.

what do we offer

With the help of the value workshop, participants learn what the term 'values' actually means.


In addition, participants identify their personal values and reflect on how these have served directly or indirectly as a compass to guide their daily actions and decisions in the past.


With the help of a team exercise, the already existing values in the company or in one's own team are identified. Together, participants discuss which values are still needed to be successful.


At the end of the workshop, the knowledge gained from theory and practice is incorporated into a joint action plan.

how does the values workshop work?

Preparation (approx. two weeks before):

  • Participants are asked which values they perceive in the company and in their own team and the examples they use to determine this.

Team workshop:

  • Explanation of the term 'values' and the significance of values for the success of the company (theory).

  • Impulse lecture on practical experiences of working with values and the significance of values in the company context.

  • Identification of one's own values in individual work, including reflection on the extent to which values serve as a compass for one's own decisions and actions.

  • Providing tools on how values can be taken into account in everyday work.

  • Direct application of theoretical and practical knowledge through the development of a joint action plan to take team values into account in everyday work.


  • Summary of workshop content (reading box).

How can your employees benefit?

  • They gain clarity about the terminology surrounding the topic of values and the influence of values on the success of the company.

  • They actively exchange ideas with other participants in the company on the topic of values and their significance and discuss them in small groups.

  • They know their own values.

  • They learn how other companies have approached the topic of values and what changes have taken place since then.

  • They identify common company values/team values with the help of a creative team exercise.

  • They develop a joint action plan for themselves and their team to use values as a compass for future actions and decisions.

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