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Coaching for Employees

investment in the future



According to the Gallup Engagement Index, three out of four employees are merely working to get their paycheck, and more than five million employees have already quit.  


Unmotivated employees have a negative impact on the entire working environment and also on the success of the company. Every year, dissatisfied employees cost German companies 103 billion euros. 


Invest in your most important resource, invest in your employees.   

Through our personality-oriented coaching approach, you support your employees in optimally contributing their individual strengths and talents.  

Challenges can be overcome and dissatisfactions solved. Your employees become more motivated, productive and satisfied, thus contributing to the success of your company.  


_Management programs

_Team workshops

_Strengths workshops




New impulses. New ways.

According to the Gallup Engagement Index, only one in five employees is satisfied with his or her leader.  


The leader plays a crucial role for your employees. They are largely responsible for the satisfaction and performance of the team and have a great influence on employee retention (retention management).   


We accompany future, new, as well as already established leaders on the way to fulfil their role optimally. 


Possible topics: 

  • Uncovering authentic leadership style 

  • Coping with expectations and requirements of the role 

  • Accepting and fulfilling the leadership role 

  • Vision development 

  • Dealing better with stress and pressure situations 

  • Acting and appearing more self-confident 

  • Increasing team performance 

  • Recognizing and using strengths 

  • Dealing with conflicts 

  • Preparing for feedback meetings 

  • Working productively and more efficiently 

  • Further development of employees 

Coaching for  employees 

without a leadership


new AWARENESS. new ideas.


Coaching for employees is tailored to the individual situation and objectives. Whether taking over a new area of responsibility or improving current performance, we work together to develop a customized concept based on the goals of your employees and your company.   


Possible topics:   

  • Developing into a new role/ function 

  • Identifying and developing strengths 

  • Handling stress and pressure situations  

  • Dealing with conflicts  

  • Gaining confidence in presenting oneself 

  • Strengthening self-confidence 

  • Working more productively 

  • Finding a balance between work and private life 

  • Solving professional motivation problems  

  • Outplacement career counseling 

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