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what is storytelling?

Storytelling is the ability to tell a really good story. Not only is information conveyed, but emotions. Experiences are passed on in such an exciting and convincing way that others can really empathise with them.


Even hard facts and figures can arouse emotions and interest in the audience by being packaged in a suitable story.


Storytelling does not mean decorating a lecture with an anecdote; nor does it serve to distract from the essentials; nor is it a show to be applauded.


Whether we are speaking in front of three people or thousands, the people who connect best with others and get their content across best are the ones who tell the best stories.


Storytelling helps to build trust with the audience, fuel interest and create a connection with others. This motivates and inspires the audience.

why is storytelling important?

As humans, we rarely manage to look at things separately because we think in stories in our heads. Our brain is a media library. When we experience something, we don't always get every single content detail stored. This is why we fill the gaps with our experiences and feelings. Because stories ...


  • ... activate many more regions in the brain than simple information.

  • ... lend meaning and significance to an issue.

  • ... involve the listener and make him/her think and feel along with the story.

  • ... establish a personal connection.

  • ... arouse emotions.

  • ... entertain.

  • ... remain longer and easier in the memory.

  • ... are more likely to be retold/shared.

  • ... have a lasting effect and can therefore motivate the audience to do something.


Really good storytellers are people who will always be remembered. They are the best teachers, mentors and influencers.

what do we offer

We offer a storytelling workshop with a suitable mix of theory, practical examples, an exchange platform for the participants and direct testing of the tools. The special feature of our workshop is the opportunity to work with a seminar actress.


The next step is individual feedback from the audience and from the coaches. In addition, the topic of body language, facial expressions and gestures will be discussed in more detail.


At the end of the workshop, best practices will be shared in addition to useful links, such as from the best TED Talks around the topic of storytelling. Finally, the knowledge learned from theory and practice will be incorporated into an individual action plan to strengthen oneself and one's messages.

how does the storytelling work Workshop?

Preparation (about two weeks in advance): 

  • Participants are asked various questions about storytelling, such as: ‘What do you understand by storytelling?’


Team workshop: 

  • Explanation of the term ‘storytelling’ and working out the importance of storytelling for presenting oneself and the content (theory).

  • Impulse lecture and discussion about the top tips and tricks around the storytelling method.

  • Teaching of tools that make it easier to develop stories.

  • Development of one’s own story and presentation in front of the audience and the coaches. Feedback from the audience and the coaches using an observation sheet.

  • Impulse lecture and discussion with the actress on the topic of body language, facial expressions and gestures, and direct rehearsal of what has been learned.



  • Summary of the workshop content (reading box). 

How can your employeesbenefit?

  • They will gain clarity about the terms used in storytelling.

  • They will become aware of the importance of storytelling for presenting themselves.

  • They will know how to structure and present a story in a goal-oriented way.

  • They will actively exchange ideas with other participants in the company on the subject of storytelling.

  • They will learn how other personalities have internalised the topic of storytelling and see best practices.

  • They will develop their own story and test it directly in front of a (professional) audience.

  • They will develop their own action plan to integrate storytelling into their everyday lives.

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